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Nadia is finally home from the hospital after a horseback riding accident, but she still has a long recovery ahead of her. Her legs are broken and are in long leg casts. Her neck and torso are braced. Though she is barely able to move from the broken bones, her husband has to go back to work and leave her alone. Little does he know that she's waiting for her lover.
Nadia was at home recovering from broken legs she sustained in a riding accident when she got too close to the stairs and fell. Now she's back in the hospital, in much worse shape than before. Many of her bones are broken and she's looking at a much longer and more difficult recovery. She still can't keep her lover, away, though. He risks not only her husband finding out about their affair, but the hospital staff as well. This erotic story will satisfy all your cravings for a woman encased in plaster, trapped, unable to move or do anything for herself.
Celia is always injuring herself in one way or another. With two broken legs, is it safe for her to go back to school or will she just end up doing more damage? Excerpt..."She used her hands to push her heavy, plaster encased legs out of bed and onto the floor one at a time. While still sitting on the bed she slipped a t-shirt on over a bare chest and reached for the miniskirt she had laid out the night before. She pulled it over her head rather than try to lean down far enough to get it over the huge casts that extended from her upper thighs to her feet, exposing just the very hint of her dainty toes."


Scott is confident about his new job until his boss rolls in: a pretty paralyzed woman. For days her sexy paraplegic legs are all he can think about and he longs to make love to her and touch her paralyzed feet. And then, miraculously, it almost begins to seem as though she's flirting with him. Is it possible? Could she be testing him? Are all Scott's wheelchair fantasies about to come true? Find out in this erotic short story of workplace lust.
Scott has found the sexy paraplegic woman of his dreams and she even enjoys sensual nights with him. If only he could be satisfied just playing with her paralyzed feet and making love to her in her wheelchair. But Scott wants more and Linda isn't willing to let him get close emotionally. If she can't let down her defenses, Scott might have to move on and give up the best sex of his life. In this erotic short story, Scott will try to convince his sexy paraplegic boss to start a real relationship and go beyond racy nights together.
After her injury, Chelsea stops moving forward in life. She spends her days at the park, just pushing her wheelchair around the track again and again. Then she meets Erik, a man who knows how to use a wheelchair like a skateboard to do amazing tricks on a half-pipe. Learning to move her chair like that brings Chelsea back to life, but as she starts to fall for Erik, she has no idea the enormous secret that he is keeping from her.
Adrianna, a beautiful young heiress, faces many challenges after her father, business tycoon Paul Lindsey, is killed in a horrendous automobile accident that leaves her paraplegic. By far her biggest challenge is surviving the machinations of someone who wants her dead before she turns twenty-five. This fast-paced romance/mystery novel will have you laughing one minute and biting your nails the next. From the moment you meet her, you know Adrianna's indomitable spirit will carry her through and that she will be victorious over any obstacle that has the audacity to get in her way. The Lindsey Beach House, an expertly and tastefully refurbished Southern-style mansion built in the late 1800's on a low bluff facing the Gulf Of Mexico in southwest Florida, holds secrets. The huge mansion is currently undergoing renovations to accommodate Adrianna's wheelchair. Adrianna's attorney, Anton Gerard, made a wise choice in selecting Coy Jamison's construction company to handle the renovations. Coy is not only an honest businessman, but he's also a former police detective. When he discovers that someone wants Adrianna dead, his street cop instincts as well as his heart guide him in his quest to protect her. Coy is sure Adrianna could never see him as anyone but her temporary protector, and she is equally sure he could never be interested in a woman who may never walk again, no matter how beautiful or rich she is. They are both wrong, but will Adrianna survive long enough to recognize her heart's desire and fulfill Coy's impossible dream?
Cara and Frankie were happily married until an ill fated argument. Adding to their communication issues Cara is struck by a car and becomes paralyzed. She refuses all contact with Frankie. Their estrangement could not have happened at worse time. Do Cara’s denial and fears continue to keep them apart? Will they sort through their misunderstandings? Warning: This is a f/f 8,488 word erotica short story. It contains explicit sexual encounters between two adult women. One of the characters is paralyzed and does have a foley catheter.
Lindy Harris is a quiet, studious high school student who's in love with books. When she sees a note written in her favorite poetry book to "Hot Wheels", she's in disbelief. That's when she realizes the book belonged to the sender--Mark Ferry, the student body president. She's all but convinced when she finds out that he, of all people, wants to go out with her.
Adults 18+ only: This 4000 word novelette contains M/F sexual scenes primarily involving sex with a disabled woman, and impregnation and pregnancy related themes. Breeding the Wheelchair Virgin: Impregnating the Disabled Girl, tells the story of a sexy 18 year old virgin woman who is confined to a wheelchair and also has sexual needs that must be fulfilled. While it can be harder for a disabled person to find a partner who can satisfy them, she has a steel resolve to see the holes in her life filled. She will soon journey down the path of motherhood as she is subsequently impregnated!

Vicki loves showing off her body in front of a camera. She always wanted to model for Playboy, but she figures for a double leg amputee, fetish websites might be the next best thing. She doesn't mind a bit getting her photograph taken for devotees to admire. And she's about to find out if the super hot photographer is a "chair chaser" too!


FREE Short story! Though Chuck is barely able to move after a car accident breaks most of his bones, he doesn't want to let his daughter down when she asks him to go outside for some fresh air. But when that outing ends in disaster, it is Chuck's shy wife who comes to the hospital. Will he convince her to relieve him as he lies helpless in the public hospital? Excerpt...Mentally geared up, he maneuvered through the doorway and let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding as he cleared it. No bumping his legs or arm against the wall this time. He was jostled by the bounce over the doorframe, but the slight pain of the jolt was nothing compared to when he ran himself into a wall. Next he had to line the chair up with the ramp. His wife stood at the bottom waiting and anxiously wringing her hands. He pressed the joystick and the chair whirred into place. Only able to move his eyes, not his head, he did his best to look down and make sure the wheelchair was facing the aluminum ramp squarely.
Jack is immobilized by a multitude of broken bones after a skiing accident. He hires Lucy to take care of him, but she seems to have more of a taste for torture than comfort and Jack is at her mercy. Excerpt..."'Lucy? Are you there?' Jack’s hoarse voice was barely over a whisper. He tried to lift his head to look around the room, but he was held tightly in place by the brace around his neck, his chin resting on its molded plastic. He was leaned slightly back in a wheelchair with a pillow behind him and so, only being able to move his eyes, he couldn’t take in much of the room."
Judy is sneaking her boyfriend, Derek, away from the thugs who have already broken most of his bones. She can't do everything herself, though, and the handsome stranger who comes to her rescue is more than just a helpful guy. Excerpt..."Jerry hopped back up the steps and Judy took hold of the handles on the wheelchair. Derek was moaning again, but she couldn’t figure out what he wanted, so she ignored it. Judy had a hard time maneuvering the chair. It was like trying to push a shopping cart with a mis-turning wheel. It kept going slightly off course. She pushed Derek to the ramp on the side of the stairs to the lobby and gave a heave to get going up it. She was so focused on not rolling backwards that she didn’t notice the curve. Derek’s moans became more insistent and desperate as she neared it, but she still didn’t notice until it was too late and Derek’s feet and their exposed toes banged into a wall. His whole body was jolted by the impact."
In the early 1900s Lloyd is in the hospital recovering from broken bones in his arms and legs, when he hears the night nurse coming. There are rumors about her and he has heard screams in the night from other rooms, but he soon discovers for himself that the screams are not what they seem. Excerpt..."In previous nights he had heard sounds coming from other rooms, sounds of pain and he had heard rumors about the night nurse, even though he was rarely able to leave his bed. Every once in a while the day nurses would lift him and all his bandaged limbs onto a wicker wheelchair and push him outside for a few minutes. It was a production. His legs were both in long casts from his upper thighs down to his feet. One arm was in a cast that extended down his shoulder and around his torso. The other arm was also in a cast, though it was shorter and didn’t connect to his shoulder. His neck was also held still by a plaster cast that extended up slightly onto his cheeks. Right now he desperately wanted to shift positions, but he had no limbs he could use to leverage himself to move. His back was stiff and his toes wiggled with the cold, but Lloyd could not move anything except those toes and the ends of his fingers. When he couldn’t sleep because of the stiffness and the pain, Lloyd could do nothing but stare at the ceiling. During the day the nurses usually worked together to pull him up a little bit and stuff pillows behind his back so he could mostly sit up."
The above four stories in a money saving collection: Men In Trouble is an erotic collection of four scorching stories about those very naughty women helping (and sometimes hurting) men who can't move, totaling 8,500 words. If you're into naughty caretakers and men trapped in plaster casts this bundle was made for you!


Elizabeth Foster is a young woman with a promising future. She has the perfect family in a nice neighborhood and she is getting ready to graduate from high school and begin her life. The only problem is a dark secret that she has kept hidden all her life. No one would ever guess that the quiet and shy girl has a rare sexuality. She is only attracted to men with physical disabilities. After years of trying to make it go away, Elizabeth comes face to face with the paraplegic man of her dreams and can fight it no longer. As they begin a relationship, she works hard to keep him from finding out the truth about her initial interest. But she can't hide it forever. Stewart Masterson was a champion surfer before he lost the use of his legs. He has come to Massachusetts running away from his past and trying to remake himself as someone new. But he can't escape from his own guilt so easily. He is making a new life for himself when he meets Elizabeth and they start a relationship based on secrets. Together they begin a terrifying journey of self-discovery.Will Elizabeth and Stewart learn to accept the broken parts in themselves and each other? Will they be able to re-define what it means to be whole or will fear and guilt drive them apart?
What do you do when your desire is stronger than you are? College freshman Elizabeth Foster is beginning to come to terms with her attraction to disabled men but she fears others might judge her harshly if they knew. And that's exactly what happens. When her mother learns the truth, she does everything in her power to stop Elizabeth from finding the only kind of man she could love. Now Elizabeth must learn to trust herself and reject her parents' vision for her future.(This book is the sequel to the novel, (W)hole, but it also stands on its own.)
Through middle school, high school, bad dates, and an ill-advised punk phase, Tasha has always been able to count on Jason. Since the day he moved in next door, he’s gone from the weird kid in a wheelchair to Tasha’s most trusted friend. But lives change and the friends are going in different directions. When Jason and Tasha rekindle their friendship, sparks fly. After years of being a wild soul, now the ex-lead of a band turned music teacher is just looking for a relationship to last. When none other than Jason introduces her to a man who can give her what she wants, Tasha is on the verge of throwing passion and love away just so she can forget her troubled past and settle down. But Jason isn’t ready to give her up just yet.
Lori Barrow was a Wunderkind, the youngest person ever to enrol in America’s most prestigious science university, the Superior Technological Institute of Pasadena, CA. Now, twenty years later, she’s a lonely, socially awkward Luddite whose career is all over the map because she refuses to grow up. She knows that her alma mater has brought her back as a professor not because of any great achievements, but because they hope her wide range of skills will resuscitate the dying physics department. She learns very quickly that the “dying” is all too literal. Mysterious deaths and accidents have plagued the department for at least two years, linked somehow to experiments at the South Pole and the happenings at the rocket lab. Afraid of making too many waves too early, Lori says nothing… until the department’s only female graduate student is found frozen to death in the cold room. An angry technician with a misogynist streak is arrested, and everyone but Lori breathes a sigh of relief. She is convinced that the murder was not personal but political, a warning to her and her colleagues to stay away from the rocket lab. At stake is a six hundred million dollar grant that has the power to return the department to its former glory.
David thinks his love life is over when he is left unable to walk after a car accident. But then he meets kinky Mary, who finds the idea of a boy in a wheelchair too sexy for words. But is their love affair just based on satisfying Mary's kinks, or on something deeper? As David's scars begin to heal, soon both of them are having to face questions about what their attraction to one another really means.
A Surefire Way to Jinx Your to perfectly map it out and then expect your journey to go as planned. Twenty-six year old home builder, Matthew Huntz, is on his way to making his dreams a reality—gorgeous fiancĂ©e, perfect job, and the house he’s always wanted. Until the accident. Paralyzed from the chest down, with his life’s GPS offline, Matt is forced to recalculate his path in life.

This collection includes all three stories of the Nurse Tiffany erotica series involving a disabled young man and his budding sexual relationship with his beautiful caregiver. Nurse Tiffany Bathes Me: Jeff Sanders is embarrassed at getting hard in front of his new caregiver Tiffany but she solves the problem by playing dress-up and releasing his pressure. Nurse Tiffany Meets an Escort: Developing feelings for Tiffany, Jeff decides to have sex with a prostitute to relieve his tension. All bets are off when Tiffany opts to join in! Nurse Tiffany Makes a Confession: Jeff suspects his caregiver is after his money but he discovers instead she's actually into devoteeism, being sexually attracted to disabled people. Hot sex ensues. This bundle of stories comes in at 22,600 words and is geared solely toward people who like getting turned on.

 An m/m book about a caretaker and his boss, wheelchair user and owner of a kinky fetish hotel!


An erotic 9-page story
  From limbless to limitless – anything is possible with God! Nick Vujicic knows there is no greater hope than trusting in God’s plan for your life. Born without arms or legs, Nick has experienced both the peak of hope and the depth of despair. But he has overcome his circumstances and physical limitations by clinging to his faith and understanding the limitless love and power God has for every person. Now he wants you to experience that same reassurance of hope and the power of God, everyday. In these fifty inspirational devotions, Nick shares his most compelling, hard-earned wisdom to help you face obstacles with confidence and courage and point you toward God. Whether you struggle with faith, relationships, career challenges, anger, health concerns, self-esteem, finding balance, or doubt in your dreams, Nick’s biblical encouragement and positive attitude will transform your life and show you that you can be limitless because God is limitless.
When she takes a job as a home healthcare assistant, a thirty two year old divorced and single mother expects to be helping the elderly get around, James is certainly not elderly. One day she finds her double amputee patient trying to pleasure himself unsuccessfully, feeling sorry for him she decides to lend him a helping hand.
When Koty Fowler's husband volunteers her to visit Jamie, a quadruple amputee who lost his limbs in Iraq, neither Koty nor Jamie is happy. Jamie resents being "babysat" every day. Koty resents her lot in life: almost 30, mother of three, and trapped in an unhappy marriage in Granite Creek, a small New Hampshire town. But when Koty and Jamie come together in a sexually-charged situation, everything changes. While Koty continues to explore her relationship with Jamie, her life at home spirals out of control: her sometimes-abusive husband drinks too much, and her middle daughter is on a destructive path, skipping school and getting into fights, while Koty's other two girls are left to watch. What happens next, however, leaves everyone reeling, and the Fowler family must learn how to move forward, even as they struggle to understand what happened in their own backyard. Told in multiple viewpoints and spanning across nearly two decades, What Happened in Granite Creek brings readers on a journey of intrigue and unexpected twists while reminding us that nothing is ever what it seems.
In 1960 when Clair Wagner's friends are showing off their new bikinis at the local swimming hole and planning weddings, Clair is plotting her escape from her rural farm-community life. She is headed for college on the shores of Lake Erie with plans for the future and dreams of a "handsome sailor with the constellations of the Northern Seas in his eyes". Into her life comes Pio, a beautiful Italian fisherman, who longs for a life of adventure on the Great Lakes under the aurora borealis. Clair soon meets Gary, the dashing son of a wealthy shipping magnate, who introduces her to Canal Street on the waterfront where she encounters The Old Mermaid Inn, a tavern that, as Gary tells her, "deserves its reputation". But The Old Mermaid Inn, with its giant painting of a seductive mermaid, is home to some fascinating people including Tessie, the owner and original mermaid, and the intriguing Baptiste, a Breton mariner injured in a shipwreck, who earns his living as a musician...


The leading ladies and gentlemen in these love stories have already been swept off their feet by disability, join them as they release the brakes on love. Accessible Love Stories features six tales of wheelchair-bound characters and the people who fall in love with them. Get caught up in the love and passion of couples facing challenges, taboos, and social pressures. These tales tackle a wide spectrum of couplings and characters that will be sure to capture reader’s hearts. Authors include Christy Leigh Stewart, Ruth Madison, Jess Gulbranson, Amanda Dier, DC Graham, and Esther Day.
A collection of six short stories featuring physically disabled heroes. On Saturday Afternoon: A painfully shy young woman must choose between a socially acceptable man and the one who makes her feel cherished. Mariann, Dancing Alone: A dancer married to a paraplegic actor runs from the question why did she marry him. Home Country: When Priyanka travels to America for an arranged marriage, she finds out why her groom accepted her bad horoscope and poor family. The Happiness Pact: A clutsy geek sets out to befriend the boy she loves even as he is forced to reevaluate his place in the social strata of high school. Guru’s Grace: A dev gets an unexpected blessing from the guru. Knight in Shining Metal: When a chivalrous wheeler tries to stand up for a girl in a bar, he gets more than he bargained for.
A collection of four erotic short stories from Ruth Madison and one bonus story by Evelyn Rae. Coworker Crush: Lily has been fantasizing about her hot, blind coworker, Adam, since she first joined the company. Will she be able to move her fantasies into reality? The Player: Rosie meets a smooth-talking paraplegic on the Internet and finds herself so enamored that she can't refuse his racy requests. But after she finds out he's talking to several girls, she turns the tables on him. Home for Christmas: Stewart is bringing his sexy new girlfriend home for Christmas and his family doesn't approve. My Hot Cousin: Trinity doesn't know how to deal with the strong feelings she has for her cousin, Matt, so she's avoided him. But now that he's back home from Iraq and injured, her family expects her to be welcoming. Bonus story: a story by one of my friends. Taking Care of Derek by Evelyn Rae: Judy is sneaking her boyfriend, Derek, away from the thugs who have already broken most of his bones. She can't do everything herself, though, and the handsome stranger who comes to her rescue is more than just a helpful guy.
A diverse collection of romantic short stories featuring men with disabilities from a variety of dev authors such as Annabelle Costa, Ruth Madison, Amy Ahn, and Sakura Sakuran. Including an introduction by the famed reviewer, DevoGirl. Tokyo Story - Sumiko has feelings for her friend Hiroki, a congenital amputee, but can their friendship develop into something more? Knight in Shining Metal - After an unsuccessful night out on the town, paraplegic Ricky meets an unexpected woman and learns there’s more than one kind of damsel in distress. The Best Friend - Two friends: one gorgeous and the other cute, kind, but in a wheelchair. Libby is so busy pursuing the first, will she ever realize the feelings she has for the other are more than just friendship? The Surgeon - Joel was a promising surgeon with a career on the rise when an accident left him a low-level quad with limited use of his hands. His confidence shattered, he can't see the real motives of the two women who are interested in him....and more. 140K words (approximately 400 pages). The majority of the proceeds are donated to the charity organization LifeRollsOn.Org
After the success of the anthology Paradox, dev authors have gathered together again to bring you more short stories, novellas, and essays about men with physical disabilities and those who love them. From lyrical romance to soul-searching memoir, the honesty and depth of feeling in these stories will open your heart and make you believe in love. At the end is a very special section where eight devs anonymously tell the true stories of how they first discovered their attraction and what it has meant in their lives. Contents: Faster Swimming to the Surface Unanswered Questions No Devotees Allowed New In Town (A Daydream) After the Fact Devo Diary Jade and Tanner Lavender and Thyme Diary of an Ugly Girl Early Devotee Memories The majority of the proceeds from sales of these books is donated to the SCI charity
This is an erotic story of sometime in the future when Americans have shed their hang ups and embraced sexuality as necessary for good health. People with disabilities have challenges when it comes to enjoying a sex life. The agency in our story provides sexual assistance to their clients. It is not a brothel or escort service but rather a social service agency Take a peek at the sexy encounters.


Injured in a debilitating accident at age six, Ethan Searle believes women eye him with a mixture of pity and disdain. He's tried love before. He won't again. He meets his match in a precocious two-year old who loves him despite his disability, even while her mother seems bothered by everything about Ethan. Autumn Reader escaped her abusive marriage with her beautiful daughter and a stack of fear. She can't make the mistake of trusting a man again. Autumn's daughter becomes enraptured by Ethan. Despite Autumn's best intentions, she finds herself following her daughter's example. When her ex-husband reappears, threatening everyone she loves if she won't submit to his demands, Autumn has to learn to trust or lose her chance at real love.
When Maggie Taylor’s swim partner abandons her in the pool, a handsome university swim team member steps up to fill the position. As Paul Fisher’s attraction to Maggie grows, so does his admiration for her determination to overcome the physical challenges she faces due to an auto accident. Will their attraction for each other be enough to keep them together, or will Paul’s athleticism extinguish Maggie’s hope for love?
Twenty-two year old, Rebecca Stone, is a naive girl with medical anxiety. Having minimal sexual experience, and being submissive in nature, she is prime meat in the hands of horny predators. Sensing her obvious weakness, her new boss demands a pre-employment physical. However, what she doesn’t know, is that the doctor’s secretly working with him, exploiting timid girls like herself. Rebecca is forced to face her deep fear of doctors, pulled into a world of medical submission. Along the journey, she will discover the root of her feelings, and gain a newfound fetish in the process. The links on this page are affiliate links. I will receive a few pennies for books you buy through this page. :)

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