Thursday, March 15, 2012

Here's an excerpt from my new story, my first with a female character!
Gary frowned at her and hesitated. He darted into the bathroom and came back with a tall cup of water. He put a straw in it and set it up on the edge of the bedside table. “What else might you need?”
“It’s just a few hours, relax,” Nadia said. That morning Gary had shifted her body from their bed into a bulky wheelchair. Her two long legs were both encased in plaster casts all the way from her hips to the end of her feet, just her toes peeking out at the ends. They rested now on the two leg supports sticking out from the wheelchair at a ninety degree angle and there were pillows underneath them. Gary had placed pillows behind her back as well. Her torso was held firmly in a brace that connected to the brace around her neck. Her arms had mostly escaped damage and so she was able to push herself around their house a little bit.
Gary finally finished fussing and kissed her forehead before rushing out the bedroom door. She heard his feet on the wooden stairs at the end of the hall and the front door opening and closing. Once he was gone she shifted her eyes to the glass of water on the night stand and wondered how she would get her lips around that straw. 

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