Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Story: Female Amputee

I'm super proud of this one. I think this is one hot story!

Vicki is a DAK (double above the knee amputee) and she loves showing off her body in front of the camera. She doesn't mind being a model for a fetish site and the extra bonus is the hot photographer. If he is a devotee, then she is ready to rock his world.


“Okay, now spread your legs and lean forward just a bit.”
Vicki followed the photographer’s instructions, moving the short stumps of her legs apart until they touched the edges of her wheelchair, then pressing her hands in front of her black panties and rolling her shoulders forward, fixing the camera with a seductive stare.
“Beautiful,” the photographer said. His camera clicked rapidly.
Vicki tossed her sleek hair back over her shoulders and moved her hands to the tops of her legs. She stretched her fingers down the few inches of their length to where they both tapered off into plump, round stumps.
“Very nice,” his muffled voice sounded from behind the lens.
They were alone in the studio for Vicki’s first session. She had seen a call for disabled models and answered it straight away. She couldn't think of anything she loved more than showing off for a camera. Her mother had always called her a ham, which was not the most flattering word in Vicki’s opinion but she had to admit it was what she was. And the camera had always loved her back.
This was a small operation, but she had checked out their work and was confident that her photos would be put to good use, being sold on a fetish website and not just saved for the photographer’s personal use. There weren't that many chair chasers out there, so any site catering to them was going to be run tight. She hoped this was just part of a bigger modeling career, but she certainly didn't mind men and women looking at her and losing all control, pleasuring themselves with her image in front of them, while she was working on getting other kinds of gigs. She suspected she would never stop doing the sexy photo shoots no matter what other offers came along. It just delighted her too much to think of all those people aching with desire for her.
Vicki shifted again, leaning slightly to the side in her gorgeous, sleek wheelchair with its glitter purple tubing. She never felt more sexy than when she was posing for a camera. Particularly today, wearing only her lacy black panties and matching bra. She loved buying matching lingerie sets, but she never thought she'd have such a great opportunity to use them. 
The lights beat down on her, warming her skin. She wrapped her arms around her upper body, snaking one arm down the side of her face. This was just as much fun as she remembered from her teenage years posing for clothing catalogs. She used to dream of Playboy shoots even back then, but this was probably the next best thing for a double leg amputee.

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