Saturday, October 13, 2012

New story ideas

I get so behind on updating my pages here sometimes!!!

I like to be writing more stories :)

Full steam ahead, right?

A couple of nights ago my friends were laughing about the term "chair chaser." Immediately I thought "That has to be a story."

I'm off and running on that one!! Amputee model for a fetish site and the photographer who is enjoying every moment of it. Yum.

Still need to write more about Scott and Linda too.

Plus I started a cute story about a girl who does chair skating, as in wheelchair on a skateboard half-pipe. 


  1. So I'm really hard8interested how did you get to see my pictures/ movies of me skating? Which one gave you the drive to wright wheelie girl's story (that's my nick name for a reason) was it the idea I gave your friend Ruth? I won't tell what's it about, but if you went with my idea and that is just the start of there story- it's going to be amazing!!! Please just update me of you need more information on Wcmx or being a girl wheelchair skater- I'd love to help :)
    Also I'd like to ask for credit on my pictures(covers, or if you'd choose some for back cover or inside pages too, just let me know and credit me please) I'd love to get a copy of the formal final book :) or help with your book as beta reader (quality check and such) I'm Herr if you need me...
    Thank you for choosing me as an inspiration I'm very much proud :)
    I told Ruth and I'm telling you now-the cover is a bit dawl and empty, I'd like to send you new pictures of myself, better fitted maybe or less grey -let me know where I can find your contact.

    Love and wheels
    ♡Prem Vali - Wheelie girl (wheelchair skater girl)

    1. You totally inspired the story! Ruth gave me the info about it and I immediately started seeing the story in my mind.

      I've got your name right under mine in the front matter, does that work for you? Let me know if you want to be credited in a different way!

      I sent the story to you through FB, hope you got it! :)